About us



KOSIMETIK GENTLEMEN is created by Beauty Factory Lab,S.L.  internationally distributed by UBP Universal Beauty Products, S.R.L.

Beauty Factory Lab,S.L. is a company in Barcelona, specialized in creating and manufacuring signature cosmetics and natural products.

Beauty Factory Lab,S.Lhas been audited by ECOCERT Greenlife S.A.S and has COSMOS certification, as well as natural product COSMOS NATURAL as organic or bio product COSMOS ORGANIC.

88,97% of raw materials used in the KOSIMETIK GENTLEMEN manufacturing process are of NATURAL ORIGIN.

All KOSIMETIK GENTLEMEN formulas are high performance, offering maximun efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

The packaging used is 100% recyclable.

To ensure sustainability, we need also the cooperation of our clients: “We will manage to close the recycling circle only with the cooperation of the end users”.

Universal Beauty Products, S.R.L., is a company in Brescia related with NG|GROUP, with a great experience in professional cosmetic products marketing all over the world.